As a leader in fire equipment servicing and maintenance in Melbourne, DMR Fire Protection sets the standard for fire prevention and safety in the city’s commercial and domestic buildings.

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Fire Equipment Servicing & Maintenance

From the largest industrial sites and commercial complexes through to apartment blocks and residential facilities, DMR Fire Protection’s team of highly qualified and skilled technicians deliver unparalleled fire equipment servicing and maintenance. Matching knowledge and skills with state-of-the-art technology, DMR Fire Protection provides advanced fire equipment maintenance services which ensure fire prevention, fire detection and fire suppression systems are working as they should and comply with Australian Standards and the Building Codes of Australia.

DMR Fire Protection

DMR Fire Protection understands better than most the responsibilities building owners and managers have to their tenants and extends that same duty of care to its fire protection clients. With a range of advanced fire-prevention and protection services to ensure properties abide and comply with the Building Commission’s Essential Safety Measures, DMR Fire Protection is committed to providing unequalled fire protection services.

Emergency Callouts

Emergencies can arise at any hour of the day, which is why DMR Fire Protection delivers prompt 24-hour emergency support, seven days a week, 356 days of the year. In the event of an emergency, DMR Fire Protection technicians will be on site in the shortest possible time to service, reset and test fire protection equipment, check the extent of damage and repairs and provide peace of mind to owners and occupants. If alarm isolation is required, DMR Fire Protection ensures the isolation causes minimal disruption to protection services.

Electrical Services

DMR Fire Protection and its team of A Class electricians provide a range of electrical services to install, maintain, upgrade and repair fire protection equipment. DMR Fire Protection technicians have Electrical Fire Protection Control Systems certification and their work ensures that should fire break out, fire protection equipment resources will activate and respond promptly and appropriately. From identifying and repairing faults to installing and wiring the latest technology, DMR Fire Protection is an industry leader.

Fire Equipment & System Testing

DMR Fire Protection technicians inspect and test fire protection equipment to confirm that protective devices and systems are working properly and will respond appropriately should fire occur. DMR Fire Protection’s fire equipment and system testing is in line with Australian Standards AS1851-2012 and ranges from testing fire alarms and smoke detectors, through to fire hose and sprinkler testing and testing evacuation procedures. DMR Fire Protection will work with building owners and managers to organise regular fire equipment and system checks.

Fire Equipment & System Testing

Appropriate fire protection begins with the supply and installation of the most suitable fire protection equipment and systems for specific circumstances. DMR Fire Protection’s engineers and technicians will recommend, supply and install the most appropriate fire protection for individual situations. From fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire and smoke alarms through to sprinklers, pumps, fire hoses and thermal detectors, trust DMR Fire Protection to recommend, supply and install the equipment your building and its occupants need.

Fire Equipment & System Testing

DMR Fire Protection has tailored reporting solutions for building owners obliged to maintain records and log books to comply with Building Codes of Australia regulations. DMR Fire Protection uses state-of-the-art recording technology for its fire protection services, meaning clients have swift and easy access to comprehensive but easy-to-read online reports. As well, DMR Fire Protection will also maintain fire protection equipment logbooks, ensuring they are on site, up to date and comply with all legislative requirements.

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